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Winners of the 8th Annual Irish Film & Television Awards

film categories

As If I Am Not There - James Flynn & Nathalie Lichtenthaeler (Octagon Films)
Perrier's Bounty - Alan Moloney (Parallel Films)
Sensation - Katie Holly & Kieron J Walsh (Blinder Films)
Swansong - Story of Occi Byrne - Edwina               Forkin & Herman Florin (Zanzibar Films / Florin Films)
The Runway - Macdara Kelleher & Ian Power (Fastnet Films)

Director Film
Juanita Wilson - As If I Am Not There (Octagon Films)
PJ Dillon - Rewind (Carbon Films)
Tom Hall - Sensation (Blinder Films)
Ian Power - The Runway (Fastnet Films)

Script Film
Juanita Wilson - As If I Am Not There (Octagon Films)
Will Collins - My Brothers (Rubicon Films)
Conor McDermottroe – Swansong - Story of Occi Byrne (Zanzibar Films / Florin Films)
Mark O'Rowe - Perrier's Bounty (Parallel Films)

Actor in a Lead Role - Film
Martin McCann – Swansong - Story of Occi Byrne (Zanzibar Films / Florin Films)
Colm Meaney - Parked (Ripple World Pictures)
Cillian Murphy - Perrier's Bounty (Parallel Films)
Liam Neeson – Chloe (Optimum Releasing)

Actress in a Lead Role - Film / Television
Amy Huberman - Rewind (Carbon Films)
Ruth Bradley - Love/Hate (Octagon Films)
Orla Brady - Mistresses (BBC)
Sarah Flood - Fair City (RTÉ)
Charlene McKenna - RAW (Octagon Films / Ecosse Films)

Actor in a Supporting Role - Film
Pierce Brosnan - The Ghost (Optimum Releasing)
Colin Farrell -The Way Back (Entertainment One Films)
Brendan Gleeson - Perrier’s Bounty (Parallel Films)
Cillian Murphy - Inception (Warner Bros. Pictures)

Actress in a Supporting Role - Film
Saoirse Ronan - The Way Back (Entertainment One Films)
Kerry Condon - The Runway (Fastnet Films)
Marcella Plunkett – Swansong - Story of Occi Byrne (Zanzibar Films / Florin Films)
Eileen Walsh - Snap (Samson Films)

The George Morrison Feature Documentary Award
The Pipe - Risteard Ó'Domhnaill & Rachel Lysaght (Scannáin Inbhear in association with Underground Films & Riverside Post)
Burma Soldier - Julie leBrocquy (leBrocquy Fraser)
Pyjama Girls - Maya Derrington (Still Films)
What We Leave in Our Wake - Pat Collins (Harvest Films)


International Film
The Social Network (Sony)
A Prophet (Optimum Releasing)
Inception (Warner Bros. Pictures)
Toy Story 3 (Walt Disney Pictures)

International Actor
Jesse Eisenberg -The Social Network (Sony)
Russell Crowe - The Next Three Days (Lionsgate Films)
Leonardo DiCaprio - Inception (Warner Bros. Pictures)
Tahar Rahim - A Prophet (Optimum Releasing)

International Actress
Annette Bening - The Kids are All Right (Universal)
Helena Bonham-Carter - The King's Speech (The Weinstein Company)
Jennifer Lawrence - Winter's Bone (Artificial Eye)
Natasha Petrovic - As If I Am Not There (Octagon Films)

television drama categories

Single Drama / Drama Serial (supported by BAI)
When Harvey Met Bob -Catherine Magee (Great Meadow Productions)
MO - (Channel 4 / ITV Studios)
Na Cloigne – Ciarán Ó Cofaigh (ROSG)
The Silence - Eleanor Greene (Company Pictures & BBC)
Wild Decembers - Edna O'Brien, Anthony Byrne (Touchpaper Television/ Octagon Films)

Drama Series / Soap (supported by BAI)
The Tudors - Morgan O'Sullivan (World 2000 Entertainment)
Love/Hate - Suzanne McAuley (Octagon Films)
RAW - Michael Parke & Suzanne McAuley (Octagon Films / Ecosse Films)
Ros na Rún - Hugh Farley (Eo Teilifis / Tyrone Productions)
Single-Handed – Clare Alan & Owen McDonnell (Touchpaper Television for RTÉ)

Director Television
Dearbhla Walsh - The Silence (Company Pictures & BBC)
David Caffrey - Love/Hate (Octagon Films)
Thaddeus O'Sullivan - Single-Handed (Touchpaper Television for RTÉ)
Robert Quinn - Na Cloigne (ROSG)

Writer Television
Stuart Carolan - Love/Hate (Octagon Films)
Darach Ó Scolaí & Lauren Mackenzie - Na Cloigne (ROSG)
Lisa McGee - RAW (Octagon Films / Ecosse Films)
Hilary Reynolds - Fair City (RTÉ)

Actor in a Lead Role - Television
Domhnall Gleeson - When Harvey Met Bob (Great Meadow Productions)
Owen McDonnell - Single-Handed (Touchpaper Television for RTÉ)
Jonathan Rhys Meyers - The Tudors (World 2000 Entertainment)
Robert Sheehan - Love/Hate (Octagon Films)

Actress in a Lead Role - Film/Television
Amy Huberman - Rewind (Carbon Films)
Ruth Bradley - Love/Hate (Octagon Films)
Orla Brady - Mistresses (BBC)
Sarah Flood - Fair City (RTÉ)
Charlene McKenna - RAW (Octagon Films / Ecosse Films)

Actor in a Supporting Role - Television
Stephen Rea - Single-Handed (Touchpaper Television for RTÉ)
Brian Gleeson - Love/Hate (Octagon Films)
Seán McGinley - Wild Decembers (RTÉ)
Eamon Morrissy - Fair City (RTÉ)

Actress in a Supporting Role - Television

Ruth McCabe - Single-Handed (Touchpaper Television for RTÉ)
Sarah Bolger - The Tudors (World 2000 Entertainment)
Dervla Kirwan - The Silence (Company Pictures)
Ruth Negga - Love/Hate (Octagon Films)

CRAFT / TECHNICAL CATEGORIES (across film and television)

Costume Design
Joan Bergin - The Tudors (World 2000 Entertainment)
Consolata Boyle -Tamara Drewe (Ruby Films)
Joan O'Cleary - Swansong - Story of Occi Byrne (Zanzibar Films / Florin Films)
Susan Scott - Cup Cake (Wee Buns)

Director of Photography
PJ Dillon - The Runway (Fastnet Films)
Tim Fleming - As If I Am Not There (Octagon Films)
Donal Gilligan - Love/Hate (RTÉ)
Owen McPolin - The Silence (Company Pictures)


Emer Reynolds - My Brothers (Rubicon Films)
Dermot Diskin - Love/Hate (Octagon Films)
Guy Montgomery - Parked (Ripple World Pictures)
Nathan Nugent - As If I Am Not There (Octagon Films)

Make Up & Hair (Sponsored by MAC)
Tom McInerney, Dee Corcoran - The Tudors (World 2000 Entertainment)
Gill Brennan – Swansong - Story of Occi Byrne (Zanzibar Films / Florin Films)
Caroline McCurdy - Na Cloigne (ROSG)
Louise Myler - Parked (Ripple World Pictures)

Original Score
Ray Harman - Na Cloigne (ROSG)
Niall Byrne - Parked (Ripple World Pictures)
Lance Hogan - Lapland Odyssey (Ripple World Pictures)
Gary Lightbody & Jacknife Lee - My Brothers (Rubicon Films)

Production Design
Ray Ball - The Runway (Fastnet Films)
Tamara Conboy - Sensation (Blinder Films)
Tom Conroy - The Tudors (World 2000 Entertainment)
Susie Cullen - The Silence (Company Pictures)


The Silence - Karl Merren, Ken Galvin, Peter Blayney (Company Pictures)
Circus Fantasticus - Daniel Birch, Robert Flanagan (Fastnet Films)
Essential Killing - Robert Flanagan, Michelle Cunniffe, Fiadhnait McCann (Element Pictures)
Rewind - Patrick Hanlon, Ken Galvin, Niall Brady (Carbon Films)


Children’s / Youth Programme
Big City Park -Colin Williams (Sixteen South Television/CBeebies Scotland)
The Octonauts - Darragh O'Connell (Brown Bag Films)
Primary School Musical - Ruth Meehan (GMarsh TV)
Seacht -Colin O'Donnell (Stirling Film and Television)

Current Affairs
Spotlight: The Iris Robinson Investigation - Darragh MacIntyre (BBC NI)
Prime Time Investigates - Forgotten Lives - Barry O'Kelly (RTÉ)
The Frontline - David Nally (RTÉ)
Tonight with Vincent Browne - Tom Fabozzi (TV3)

Documentary Series
Freefall: The Night The Banks Failed - Janet Traynor (Animo)
1916 Seachtar na Cásca -Pierce Boyce (Abú Media)
Ireland's Greatest - Gerry Hoban (Tyrone Productions)
The Truth about Travellers - Owen McArdle (TV3)

Voices From The Grave - Patrick Farrelly & Ed Moloney (Deer Lake Films)
Children In Charge: Ireland's Young Carers - Ailbhe Maher (Subotica)
TK Whitaker - Seirbhíseach an Stait - Martin Dwan (Zampano Prodictions)
Vanished in the Mountains: Ireland's Missing Women - Owen McArdle (TV3)

Entertainment Programme
Your Bad Self - John Butler (Treasure Entertainment)
The Apprentice - Larry Bass (Screentime ShinAwiL)
Feirm Factor - Evan Chamberlain (Good Company Productions)
The Model Scouts - Billy McGrath (Sideline Productions)

Factual Programme
Operation Transformation - Philip Kampf (RTÉ)
Ireland AM - Victoria O'Brien (TV3)
Reeling In The Years - John O'Regan (RTÉ)
The Eagles Return - John Murray (Crossing the Line Films)

Sports Programme
In Sunshine Or In Shadow - Andrew Gallimore & Morgan Bushe (Fastnet Films)
Graeme McDowell's Major Moment - Gary McCutcheon (BBC Northern Ireland)
Gualainn le Gualainn - Andrew Gallimore & Conor Barry (Fastnet Films)
World Cup Live - Kieran Craven (RTÉ)


Philips Short Film
Small Change – Cathy Brady (NFS@IADT/CherryRED Pictures LTD)
Deep End Dance – Conor Horgan (Wildfire Films)
Noreen – Domhnall Gleeson & Juliette Bonass (El Zorrero Films)
Pentecost - Peter McDonald (EMU Productions)

Rising Star Award (Sponsored by the Irish Film Board)
Domhnall Gleeson – Actor
Antonia Campbell Hughes – Actress
Ian Power  - Writer/Director
Juanita Wilson – Writer/Director

Special Irish Language Award
1916 Seachtar na Cásca - Pierce Boyce (Abú Media)
An Crisis - Martha O'Neill (Wildfire Films)
Na Cloigne - Ciarán Ó'Cofaigh (ROSG)
Ros na Rún - Hugh Farley (Eo Teilifis / Tyrone Productions)

The External World - David O'Reilly, (David O’Reilly Animation)
Anam an Amhráin - Sean O Cualain (Sónta/Cartoon Saloon)
Head Space – Barry O’Donoghue (Barley Films)
The Octonauts - Darragh O'Connell (Brown Bag Films)

Outstanding Contribution to Industry
Morgan O’Sullivan

people's choice award

RTÉ Guide Best TV Moment of 2010 – People’s Choice
The Republic of Telly premieres The Rubber Bandits Horse Outside (RTÉ)
Coronation Street - Tram Crash (ITV)
Fair City - Peak of the Suzanne and Damien domestic violence storyline (RTÉ)
Imeall - a tribute to one of our greatest actors Mick Lally (TG4)
Prime Time - Pat Rabbitte on Prime Time (RTÉ)
The Rescue of the Chilean Miners (Sky News)
Graeme McDowell winning the US Open
Tonight with Vincent Browne - Browne questioning the Taoiseach in the press conference for the IMF Deal (TV3)
Ursula Halligan asking the Taoiseach if he was drunk during the Morning Ireland interview (TV3 News)
X Factor - Mary Byrne’s first audition in Dublin (ITV)