Winners of the 5th Annual Irish Film & Television Awards

film categories

Film - Garage
Becoming Jane - (Ecosse Films/Octagon)
Closing the Ring - (The Works UK Distribution)
Garage - (Element Pictures Distribution)
Kings - (Newgrange Pictures)
Shrooms - (Treasure Entertainment)

International Film - The Lives of Others
Atonement (Universal)
The Bourne Ultimatum (Universal)
La Vie en Rose (Eclipse Pictures)
The Lives of Others (Lionsgate)

Director Film – Lenny Abrahamson - Garage
Lenny Abrahamson – Garage (Element Pictures Distribution)
Paddy Breathnach – Shrooms (Treasure Entertainment)
Tom Collins – Kings (Newgrange Pictures)
John Crowley – Boy A (Cuba Pictures)
Robert Quinn – Cré na Cille (ROSG)

Script Film – Mark O’Halloran - Garage
Tom Collins – Kings (Newgrange Pictures)
Mark O’Halloran – Garage (Element Pictures Distribution)
Mark O’Rowe – Boy A (Cuba Pictures)
Stuart Townsend – Battle in Seattle (Insight Film Studios)

Actor in a Lead Role Film – Pat Shortt - Garage
Gabriel Byrne – Jindabyne (Revolver Entertainment)
Colm Meaney – Kings (Newgrange Pictures)
Cillian Murphy – Sunshine (Twentieth Century Fox)
Hugh O’Conor – Speed Dating (System 48)
Pat Shortt – Garage (Element Pictures Distribution)

Actor in a Supporting Role Film – Brendan Conroy – Kings
Brendan Conroy – Kings (Newgrange Pictures)
Donal O’Kelly – Kings (Newgrange Pictures)
Conor J Ryan – Garage (Element Pictures Distribution)
Don Wycherley – Speed Dating (System 48)

Actress in a Supporting Role Film – Saoirse Ronan - Atonement
Elaine Cassidy – And When Did You Last See Your Father (Walt Disney Studio Motion Pictures Ireland)
Anne Marie Duff – Garage (Element Pictures Distribution)
Gail Fitzpatrick – Strength and Honour (Maron Pictures)
Saoirse Ronan – Atonement (Universal)

International Actor - Daniel Day Lewis – There Will Be Blood
George Clooney – Michael Clayton
Daniel Day Lewis – There Will Be Blood
James McAvoy – Atonement
Ulrich Mühe – The Lives of Others

television drama categories

Single Drama / Drama Serial – The Running Mate
Damage (Subotica Entertainment)
My Boy Jack (Ecosse Films/Octagon Films)
Prosperity (Element Pictures)
The Running Mate (Rubicon Films)

Drama Series / Soap – The Tudors
The Clinic (Parallel Film Productions)
Ros na Rún (EO Teilifís/Léirithe Thír Eoghain)
Single-Handed (Touchpaper)
The Tudors (World 2000)

Director Television – Lenny Abrahamson - Prosperity
Lenny Abrahamson – Prosperity (Element Pictures)
Brian Kirk – The Tudors (World 2000)
Paul Mercier – Aifric (Telegael Media Group)
Declan Recks – The Running Mate (Rubicon Films)

Script Television – Mark O’Halloran - Prosperity
Marcus Fleming – The Running Mate (Rubicon Films)
Mark O’Halloran – Prosperity (Element Pictures)
Daniel O’Hara, Paddy C.Courtney – Paddywhackery (Dough Productions)
Aisling Walsh – Damage (Subotica Entertainment)

Actor in a Lead Role Television – Jonathan Rhys Meyers – The Tudors
Denis Conway – The Running Mate (Rubicon Films)
Michael Gambon – Celebration (Parallel Film Productions)
Jonathan Rhys Meyers – The Tudors (World 2000)
Don Wycherley – The Running Mate (Rubicon Films)

Actor in a Supporting Role Television – Nick Dunning – The Tudors
Nick Dunning – The Tudors (World 2000)
Leroy Harris – Prosperity (Element Pictures)
Eamonn Hunt – The Running Mate (Rubicon Films)
Gary Lydon – The Clinic (Parallel Film Productions)

Actress in a Lead Role Film/Television – Aisling O’Sullivan – The Clinic
Clíona Ní Chiosáin – Aifric (Telegael Media Group)
Fionnula Flanagan – Brotherhood (Channel 6)
Brid Ní Neachtain – Cré na Cille (ROSG)
Aisling O’Sullivan – The Clinic (Parallel Film Productions)
Siobhan Shanahan – Prosperity (Element Pictures)

Actress in a Supporting Role Television – Maria Doyle Kennedy – The Tudors
Dawn Bradfield – The Clinic (Parallel Film Productions)
Maria Doyle Kennedy – The Tudors (World 2000)
Fionnula Flanagan – Paddywhackery (Dough Productions)
Amy Huberman – The Clinic (Parallel Film Productions)

craft categories

Costume Design – Joan Bergin – The Tudors
Joan Bergin – The Tudors (World 2000)
Maggie Donnelly – Kings (Newgrange Pictures)
Lorna Marie Mugan – My Boy Jack (Ecosse Films/Octagon Films)
Eimer Ní Mhaoldomhnaigh – Becoming Jane (Ecosse Films/Octagon)

Director of Photography  - Seamus McGarvey - Atonement
PJ Dillon – Kings (Newgrange Pictures)
Seamus McGarvey – Atonement (Universal)
Peter Robertson – Garage (Element Pictures Distribution)
Ciaran Tanham – Northanger Abbey (Octagon Films)

Editing - Dermot Diskin – Kings
Dermot Diskin – Kings (Newgrange Pictures)
Stephen O’Connell – Damage (Subotica Entertainment)
Isobel Stephenson – Garage (Element Pictures Distribution)
Gareth Young – The Running Mate (Rubicon Films)

Hair & Makeup – Jennifer Hegarty, Dee Corcoran – The Tudors
Kings – Muriel Bell, Pamela Smyth (Newgrange Pictures)
My Boy Jack – Morna Ferguson, Lorraine Glynn (Ecosse Films/Octagon Films)
Prosperity – Tom McInerney, Sandra Kelly (Element Pictures)
The Tudors – Jennifer Hegarty, Dee Corcoran (World 2000)

Original Score – Pol Brennan - Kings
Pol Brennan – Kings (Newgrange Pictures)
Jim Lockhart – Cré na Cille (ROSG)
Stephen McKeon – The Running Mate (Rubicon Films)
Stephen Rennicks – Garage (Element Pictures Distribution)

Production Design – Tom Conroy – The Tudors
Tom Conroy – The Tudors (World 2000)
David Craig – Kings (Newgrange Pictures)
Tom Mc Cullagh – Closing the Ring (The Works UK Distribution)
Padraig O’Neill – Garage (Element Pictures Distribution)

Sound - Ken Galvin, Ronan Hill, Dominic Weaver - Kings
Becoming Jane – Nick Adams, Tom Johnson, Mervyn Moore (Ecosse Films/Octagon)
Garage – Niall Brady, John Fitzgerald, Robert Flanagan (Element Pictures Distribution)
Kings – Ken Galvin, Ronan Hill, Dominic Weaver (Newgrange Pictures)
My Boy Jack – Brendan Deasy, Ken Galvin, Nikki Moss (Ecosse Films/Octagon Films))

television categories

Children’s / Youth Programme - Aifric
Aifric (Telegael Media Group)
The Café (RTÉ)
Cúla Cairde (Tobar Productions)
Skunk Fu! (Cartoon Saloon)

Current Affairs Programme - Prime Time Investigates – Not Seen, Not Heard
Election 2007 – Results Coverage (RTÉ)
Prime Time Investigates – Buyer Beware (RTÉ)
Prime Time Investigates – Not Seen, Not Heard (RTÉ)
Spotlight: The Pitbull Sting - (BBC Northern Ireland)

Documentary Series – The Hospice
The Hospice (Yellow Asylum Films)
Imeacht Na N'Iarlaí /Flight of The Earls (BBC NI)
Mobs Mheirceá (Abú Media)
Scannal (RTÉ)
Surgeons (Mint Productions)

Single Documentary - At Home with the Clearys
Arts Lives: The Undertaking (Littlebird)
At Home with the Clearys (Tern Television)
Bloody Sunday – A Derry Diary (Besom Productions)
Get Collins (Mint Productions)
Ireland’s Nazis (Tile Films)
Joe Strummer: The Future is Unwritten (Parallel Films)

Entertainment – The Podge & Rodge Show
Dan & Becs (Accomplice Television)
Killinaskully (Shortt Comedy Theatre Company)
Naked Camera (Scratch Films)
The Podge & Rodge Show (RTÉ)

Factual Entertainment - Diarmuid’s Pony Kids
Diarmuid’s Pony Kids (Vision Independent Pictures)
Families in Trouble (Stopwatch Television)
Hector – Mo Rogha San Oz (Good Company Productions)
No Experience Required (Liberty Films)

News Programme - BBC Newsline
BBC Newsline – BBC Northern Ireland
Nuacht RTÉ/TG4 – RTÉ/TG4
RTÉ News – RTÉ
TV3 News @ 5.30   – TV3

Sport - Tall, Dark & Ó hAilpín
20 Moments That Shook Irish Sport (Liberty Films)
Red Mist (Wildfire Films/Setanta Sports)
Rugby World Cup 2007 (TV3/Hot Air Productions)
Six Nations: Ireland’s v England (RTÉ)
Tall, Dark & Ó hAilpín(Telegael Media Group)


Special Irish Language Award - Kings
Aifric (Telegael Media Group)
Cré na Cille (ROSG)
Kings (Newgrange Pictures)
Paddywhackery (Dough Productions)

Irish Film Board Rising Star 2008 – Saoirse Ronan
(Sponsored by Bord Scannán na hÉireann/the Irish Film Board)
Cecilia Ahern – Writer
Mark Mahon – Producer
Martin McCann – Actor
Marian Quinn – Director
Saoirse Ronan – Actress

Animation – Skunk Fu!
Ding Dong Denny O’Reilly’s History of Ireland (Brown Bag Films)
Skunk Fu! (Cartoon Saloon)
The Ugly Duckling and Me (Magma Films)
Wobblyland (Brown Bag Films)

Short Film – New Boy
Deep Breaths (PJ Dillon & Alex Jones)
Hesitation (Virginia Gilbert & Julien Berlan / Michelle Eastwood / Antonin Dedet)
New Boy (Steph Green /Tamara Anghie)
No Regrets (Colm Quinn)
The Wednesdays (Conor Ferguson & AnneMarie Naughton)

Pantene People’s Choice Award for Best International Actress – Hilary Swank – PS I Love You
Cate Blanchett – Elizabeth: The Golden Age
Jodie Foster – The Brave One
Keira Knightley – Atonement
Hilary Swank – PS I Love You

Sony Bravia TV Personality of the Year – Kathryn Thomas RTÉ
Stephen Nolan - BBC Northern Ireland
Michelle Doherty - Channel 6
Kathy Hoffman - City Channel
Kathryn Thomas - RTÉ
Paul Dempsey – Setanta Sports
Síle Ní Bhraonáin - TG4
Lorraine Keane - TV3
Julian Simmons – UTV

Outstanding Contribution to World Cinema
Mel Gibson