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Pursuit Screening and Discussion with The Filmmakers and Cast

  • Date:Febuary 17th 2016
  • Venue: Light House Cinema
  • Time:6.00pm

PURSUIT is a thriller inspired by the Irish legend ‘The Pursuit of Diarmuid and Gráinne’, a tale of love, betrayal and revenge, and the desire for a life beyond crime.

Mr. King (Owen Roe), the boss of the criminal underworld, dreams of going legit and attaining respectability. He kept his daughter Gráinne (Ruth Bradley) away from the street and groomed her for a career in show business. She was to be his ticket out of the ghetto until she went into meltdown and her career fell apart.

Fionn (Liam Cunningham) runs Mr. King’s drug smuggling operation. Fionn has a bodyguard Diarmuid (Barry Ward), whom he saved from the street as a boy. Fionn takes care of everyone and everything. He is the people’s true chief. Mr. King fears the threat, tries to have Fionn assassinated, but fails.

To avoid a gang war and to meet the aggression of a common enemy, the Searbhán (Brendan Gleeson), a marriage is arranged between Fionn and Gráinne. It looks as if peace will reign in the underworld, but Gráinne has other plans.

  • Director/Writer: Paul Mercier
  • Producer: Anne Gately
  • Starring: Ruth Bradley
  • Brendan Gleeson,
  • Barry Ward
  • Owen Roe,
  • Liam Cunningham,
  • Don Wycherley,
  • Dara Devaney,
  • David Pearse